E-RYLA 2.0

About e-RYLA 2.0

eRYLA 2.0, this time with double fun and more to learn. Here we bring among you the hot cake event for this lockdown, “eRYLA 2.0”, with the same enthusiasm and passion but even more adventure and flavor; this time in association with Rotary Region VII and District RYLA Subcommittee. We have kept our theme to be “Reshape and Rise” and are committed to build relevant platforms for all of the participants and even the host team to reshape themselves and rise from the current lockdown scenarios to come forward, looking positive towards a normal tomorrow.

Rotaractors, Interactors, and Students from Nepal, from the age group of 16 – 25 years are eligible to take part in the event. However, those participants who are not a part of the Rotary Family should come with a recommendation letter from any nearby clubs from Rotary Fraternity (either Rotary Club, Rotaract Club or Interact Club) and MUST ATTACH THE RECOMMENDATION LETTER IN THE REGISTRATION FORM itself.

So yeah it is, the perfect time to enjoy the fusion of Fun and Learn, the great opportunity to Reshape and Rise; are we ready to board this amazing flight?

Rules and Regulations for the participants

  • First of all, the participants are divided into 10 smaller groups. As the event proceeds, there will be a timely reshuffling of the groups, but there will be NO ELIMINATION of any participants in the event, in any of the levels. We will get to enjoy the bonding of all the participants till the final day.

  • The schedule for the day will be provided to the participants beforehand only to meet all of your availability. In case, there will be any modification to the schedule, the participants will be pre-informed.

  • Each day there will be a session on the ZOOM platform, by an intellectual resource person, the topic and details of which will be posted in the group beforehand only.

  • The tasks are divided into different categories, viz. Long Day Tasks, Mid-Day Tasks, Session-Based Tasks, and Fun Tasks. All of these task categories will have a different pattern and time duration of submission.

  • Each official group, operated by two moderators, will be opened only at the time of task submission or as per requirement for the task.

  • Participants are not supposed to interact in the group during the task time. They are also prohibited to react on submitted assignments of others, be it graceful or disgraceful, (not even an emoji). Doing so can lead to negative markings.

  • Host team will be selecting participants based on their form response and first come first serve basis.

  • Registration Deadline: 18th – 20th May 2021
  • Deleting your submission and then reposting it will directly disqualify the participant from that particular task.

  • Plagiarism for any of the tasks will strictly not be entertained. If any participant will be found to do so, he/she will be disqualified.

  • Participants are required to strictly stick to the “Rules and Regulations” throughout the event. If found violating any one of the rules, the moderator will be able to take necessary actions against the participant.

  • Since fellowship is one of the major attractions of eRYLA 2.0, the groups will be opened for the fellowship sessions, from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

  • A participant can always look up to the moderator in case of any kinds of confusion, queries, or suggestions.

  • Any of the following comments during the entire eRYLA 2.0 will lead to direct disqualification:
    • Offensive contents
    • Abusive talks
    • Contents provoking racism
    • Pornographic contents

Also, if you ever get abusive messages from any of the participants that are enough to cause any offense, you are free to report it to your group moderator for any necessary action.

  • Any double entries of the same applicant will lead to disqualification, incase of a
    modification of entry please contact the officials:

For more details please contact

Rtn. Sujan Pradhan
Chair, e-RYLA 2.0
Rotary Club of Kakarvitta

Rtr. Sanjay Agrawal
Coordinator, e-RYLA 2.0
Rotaract Club of Birtamode Midtown

Rtr. Riwaj Adhikari
Coordinator, e-RYLA 2.0
Rotaract Club of Dharan Ghopa

Rtr. Nitesh Singh Rajput
Coordinator, e-RYLA 2.0
Rotaract Club of Kakarvitta

Registration Form has been closed !

We are greatly thankful for all the efforts you have given to fill the form and shown on the registration process. We’ve received your monumental set outs and the forms filled with such enthusiasm is highly appreciated by us. We will sort out the genuine forms and shortly add the selected members to the WhatsApp groups. We can’t wait to start this 7 day journey with you all. Stay excited and energized!

Participant's List

S. No.Full Name Home Club
454Abiral BistaInteract club of delhi public school dharan
453Niharika Dahal
452Itr.Isika TamangInteract Club of Devbhumi
451Gracy Rai
450Nabina Prasai
449Seliya ShresthaInteract Club of JMES
448Unika Shrestha
447Bino SubediRac Rupandehi
446Prajita GhimireJhapa
445Jeet Gupta
444Manita BaralRotaract Club of Dharan Ghopa
443Amrita kumari sardarRotaract club of Dharan Ghopa
442Yashraj DasDAV Interact Club, Biratnagar
441Saru NiroulaRotary club of Urlabari
440Ajay YadavRotaract Club of Kathmandu
439Anjana khatriInteract Club .org Goldengate Int'l College
438Rtr. Khagendra GadalRotract club of Urlabari
437Sabita LimbuRotaract Club of Damak
436Amrita MandalRotaract Club of Dharan Ghopa
435Shrisha pradhanInteract club ko nepal police school
434Bijay SubediRotaract Club of Baneshwor
433Sajag NiroulaRotary club of urlabari
432Aman B ShresthaRotract cCub of Patan
431Swikriti PokhrelRotaract Club Of Itahari
430Aman mittalRotaract club of Birtamode midtown
429Sanskriti DeojuRAC Dhulikhel
428Sumnima RaiRotaract club of Thames International College.
427Sarisha ShresthaRotaract Club of Charumati
426prajwal ramdam bishwokarmarotaract club of kathmandu university
425Gita kharelLamjung
424Bishal Saru MagarRotaract Club of Purbi Chitwan
423Amit BhandariRotaract club of Lumbini Banijya Campus
422Diwakar PanchkotiRotaract Club of Damak
421Diwakar panchkotiDamak
420Sumit prasad KASHAUDHANRotaract club of kshitiz international college
419Diwa GhimireRotaract club of Kathmandu
418Ram KhatiwadaRotaract Club of Damak
417Deepa SubediRotract club of kshitiz International College
416Milan GurungRAC Lamjung
415Ankit ShresthaRotaract Club of Bharatpur Height
414Dipen oliRotaract club of surunga
413Rakshya luitelBiratnagar7 , hatkhola
412Ranjita subedi
411Rtr Sandip AdhikariRAC Bharatpur Height
410Prakash lamsalRotract club of Bhimad
409Krishala BudhathokiSeabird Interact Club
408Kiran nyoupaneRotaract club of kshitiz international college
407Dino Jedrick
406Shankar KandelRac LBC
405Pujan ThapaRotaract Club of Dillibazar, Kathmandu
404Ashika K.C.Rotaract club of kathmandu metro
403Rtr. Chhabilal DevkotaRotaract Club of Dillibazar-Kathmandu
402Rtr. Saroj karkiRac Dillibazar KTM
401Saugat UpretiRotaract Club of kantipur
400Ishan Bajaj
399Sneha Singhal
398Rochak DahalInteract Club of Devbhumi
397DidhitiManipal rotract club pokhra
396Babin AdhikariIC of Devbhumi
395Sanjeeta NiraulaRAC Bhadrapur
394SANAMRotaract Club Of Sainbhu Bhainsepati
393Manisha neupaneTinau city
392Sonu KoiralaRotaract club of birtamode midtown
391Samjhana paudelRotaract club of Pokhara fishtail
390Tapashya Singh ThakuriRAC Kasthamandap
389Dipendra bhandariBhimad
388Thomas PokharelRotaract club of Dillibazar
387Shyam TimsinaRotaract club of kakarvitta
386Pritima GurungRotaract Club of Pokhara Fishtail
385Diwas ShresthaRAC Bharatpur Height
384Bipul KisiKathmandu Metro
383Bhuwan BelbaseArghkhanchi
382Saakar AgrawalRotaract Club of Tripureshwor
381Richa Pandey
380Sonisha Rijal
379Sabina Panta
378Supriya KhadkaRotaract Club of Dillibajar
377Subham GoyalBirtamode Mid town
376Pradeep Kumar ChaudharyRAC Charumati
375Sushant karnRotaract club of biratnagar
374Pratapbabu JamarkattelRotaract Club of Surunga
373Bebisha DawadiRac surunga
372Kusum AdhikariRAC Purbi Chitwan
371Shlok koiralaRac brt
370Adhyeta Regmi
369Simran shrestha
368Divya GurungRotaract Club of Charumati
367Barsha karkiRotaract club of Kathmandu mid town
366Dipesh shresthaRotract club of dharan
365Rushina UpretiRAC Purbi Chitwan
364Pratiksha ChaudharyRotaract club of charumati
363Diwakar Gurung" Born_For_Wild"Rotaract club Damak
362Dalim KhadkRotaract Club of Kakarvitta
361Smarika ShresthaRotaract Club of Patan Durbar Square
360Subigya ShresthaPatan Durbar Square
359Anshu NiroulaRotaract club of Biratnagar
358Sonika Singh ShresthaRotaract Club Of Patan Durbar Sqaure
357Jasmine ShresthaRotaract club of Patan Durbar Square
356Pratiksha GoswamiRotaract Club of Nobel Medical College And Teaching Hospital
355Ashmita KarkiRAC of Sainbu Bhainsepati
354Mangala TimilsinaRotarct club of pokharA
353Binita Saru MagarRotaract Club of Purbi Chitwan
352Prajjwal Bikram Bhattarai
351Rtr.Prasna GautamRotaract club of Newroad Pokhara
350Manashi BasnetRotaract Club of Biratnagar
349Jharna Tiwari
348Uddip PokharelRotaract Club of Biratnagar
347Laxmi Bhattarai
346Rtr Sumit kasaudhanRotaract Club Of Central Lumbini
345Nirmal Rijal
344Suman LamsalRotaract club of Kawasoti
343Chewang Lhamu Tamang
342Debendra BhandariRAC palpa tansen
341Barsha BhattaraiRotaract Club of Dillibazar-Kathmandu
340Alisha RauniyarRotaract club of Nobel Medical College
339Pratik Jung KarkiKantipur
338Pradeep sapkotaRotaract club of central lumbini
337Asmi NeupaneRotaract Club of Bharatpur Height
336Payal singh tomarRotract club of Nobel medical college and teaching hospital
335Mohammad Aftab AlamRotaract club of Nobel Medical College Teaching Hospital Pvt. Ltd
334Rtr Laxmi BhandariRAC Damauli
333Durga Prasad AdhikariRotaract Club of Central Lumbini
332Anshu MaharjanRAC Budhanilkantha
331kushum neupanekathmandu north east
330Raj GuragainRotaract Club of Itabhatta Municipal
329Rrr. Ravi AdhikariRotaract Club Of Damauli
328Jenith RajlawatRotaract Club Of Patan Durbar Square
327Mallika Oli
326Samikshya dahalRotaract club of liberty college
325Laxmi shresthaRotaract club of Lamjung
324Rtr. Sudhan LamsalRotaract Club Of Kawasoti
323Pranisha GiriRotract club of itabata municipal
322Yamini Bhujel
321Mamata ShresthaRac Damauli
320Rtr.Rusha KhadkaRotaract club of Biratnagar Downtown
319Sandhya SubediRotaract club of Bharatpur
318Manish GuragainRotaract Club of Itabhatta Municipal
317Rubee Pathak
316Rtr. Sajita BastolaRotaract club of liberty college
315Rtr. Matthunna KarkiRAC Rajdhani
314Rtr. Paramananda GautamRotaract Club Of Kawasoti
313Raksha pandeyRAC Tripureswor
312Anish KafleRotract Club of Bharatpur Height
311Pratikshya Thapa
310Arjun Adhikari
309Anupama subba limbuRotaract club of Thames International College
307Eivan LuitelRotaract Club of Mechinagar
306Khushi shrestha
305Eliza GautamRotaract club of urlabari
304Suruchi ChhetriRotaract Club of Pokhara Fishtail
303Prajwal Bikram KhadkaRotaract Club of Dillibazar-Kathmandu
302Sashank JoshiRotaract Club of Liberty College
301Saraswati paudelRotaract club of birgunj metropolis
300Jamuna thapa magarRotaract club of liberty college
299Jaya JoshiROTARACT Club of tripureshwor
298Govinda ParajuliRAC Bharatpur
297Bipasha KoiralaRotaract Club of Pokhara Fishtail
295Saroj shahRac kakarvitta
294Rtr Ashmita AdhikariRotaract Club of Central Lumbini
293Sakshyam UpretyRotaract club of purbi chitwan
292Shrija ThapaRAC Kathmandu North East
291shamsuddin sheikhRAC Center lumbini
290Shreyasee Chaudhary
289Rtr. Nishan DahalRotaract Club of Ratnanagar.
288Ram Krishna JoshiRotaract club of dhangadhi
287Gokarna khadkaRotaract club of Itahari
286Rtr. Binita PokhrelRotaract Club of Central Lumbini
285Parisha BhattaraiRAC Thames
284Kamala BhattaraiBIRTAMODE JHAPA
283Soyal Thakuri
282Yogendra KarkiRAC surunga
281Sudarshan PoudelRotaract club of pokhara
280Krishna GurungRotaract club of Bharatpur
279AnujaBirtamode Mid-town
278upendra yadavRotaract Club of Central Lumbini
277sujata bhattaraiRotract club of birtamode
276Shraddha PoudelRAC kathmandu mid town
275Sneha MaharjanRotaract club of patan durbar square
274Giveson MainalyRotaract club of birtamod midtown
273Juna PunRotaract Club of People's Campus
272Raj agarwalMechinagar
271Bishal chamlagaiRotaract club of kakarvitta
270Rtr Kshitiz PaudelRotaract club of Lamjung
269Nisha ShresthaInteract Club of Small Heaven Model School
268Sagar TimsinaRotaract club of itabhatta municipal
267Kaushal AgrawalRaC
266Rohil MaharjanRotaract Club of Patan Durbar Square
265Abhay sharmaRotract club of baneshwor
264Kalpana sharmaUnited birgunj
263Alisha AryalRotaract Club of Ratnanagar
262Prasamsha KhanalRAC DAMAK
261Ankit BasnetPatan
260Tisa ShresthaRotaract club of Dhulikhel
259Shreeya DhitalRAC Dillibazar-Kathmandu
257Darpan SubediRotaract club of Kawasoti
256Raisha MainaliRotaract club of kums
255Rajib GhimireRotaract Club of Narayani Mid Town
254Basanta DhakaRotaract Club Of Birtamode
253Aakriti Shrestha TusujuRac Dhulikhel
252Rtr.Ganesh shettyRAC KTM MID-TOWN
251Indira BhattaRotaract club of Ratnanagar
250shristi BhattaraiRAC Palpa Tansen
249Kritika Neupane
248Rtr. Sandip Raaj OjhaRotaract Club Of United Birgunj
247Neetisha sedaiRotaract club of bhatarpur height
246sadikshya thapaRotaract club of Bharatpur
245Sakar BhandariRAC Bharatpur Height
244Sabina karkiRAC Kathmandu Mid-Town
243Bishesh BudhathokiRotaract club of itabhatta municipal
242Chandramani DahalRotaract club of itabhatta municipal
241anurag pathakIttavatta
240sarushna KarkiRotaract club of Biratnagar
239Nuna PahariRotaract club of Nobel medical college
238Apar WastiRAC KAthmandu
237Inush DhunganaRotaract Club of Itabhatta Municipal
236Nabina AdhikariRotaract club of itabhattta municipal
235Pramika ShresthaRotaract club of itabhatta municipal
234Rtr. Niraj kandelRotaract club of ratnanagar
233Pawan BhusalRAC People's Campus
232Devesh MAheshwariUrlabari
231Pravash GautamRAC Itahaei
230Roshan PrajaaptiRAC Madhyapur
229Dipesh RimalRotaract Club of Damak
228Sandeep BaralDamak
227Diwakar tiwariRAC Surunga
226Rtr. Paramarsha Raj DahalRotaract Club of People's Campus
225Saurya Dhungana
224Rtr. Aakriti AdhikariRAC Swayambhu
223Mila Bajracharya
222Swikriti AryalRotaract club of People's Campus
221Sohan UpretyRAC Surunga
220Roshan PandeyRotaract Club of Patan West
219Mehul jainInteract club of Delhi public school,bpkihs,dharan
218Elisha DeubaRAC Chandragiri
217shirisha basnetRAC swoyambhu
216Sampriti RisalSainbu Bhainsepati
214Bulbul ShresthaRotract club of ratnanagar
213Meek mar dorjee tamangRotract club of mechinagar
212Anusha NepalRotaract Club of Kantipur
211Roshna BaralRotract Club of pokhara fishtail
209Saurab GyawaliRotract Club Of Chandagiri
208RTR.SADIKSHYA KARKIRotaract Club OF Baneshwor
207Shrijana ShresthaRotarcat Club of People's Campus
206Rtr. Shraddhha agrawalRac baneshwor royal
205Rtr.Anish BaralRAC Ratnanagar
204RTR.SADIKSHYA KARKIRotaract Club OF Baneshwor
203Shristi RautRotaract Club of Pashupati Nepal Law Campus
202Hasina ShresthaRAC patan durbar square
201Susmita SharmaRotract club of bharatpur height
200Rtr Arjun GurungRAC Tilottama Devdaha
199Rtr Rajan RayRotaract club of Dharan Ghopa
198Sunil NeupaneRotaract Club of Charumati
197Sanad LuitelITAHARI
196Mani ShresthaRAC Patan West
195Ranjan YadavRotarct club of manipal college Pokhara
194Rtr Rajan RayRAC Dharan Ghopa
193Rtr Rajan RayRAC Dharan Ghopa
192Rajan RayRACDG
191Rajan RayRACDG
190Ronal ShresthaRAC Patan West
189Hari prasad kharelRac surunga
188Hari prasad kharelRac surunga
187Sanjit kafleRotaract Club Of Mechinagar
186Preshika BajracharyaInteract club of Seabird
185Ayush AdhikariRAC Bharatpur
184Rtr. Anjila DhunganaRAC liberty collage
183Durga Rijal (Roshan)urlabari
182Nabin khadayatRAC liberty collage
181Nawaraj TimsinaKakarvitta
180Sudip tuladharInteract club of tri ratna Kathmandu mid town
179Labi TiwariRotaract club of Bharatpur
178delisha khadgirotaract club of thames
177Shreya amatyaPatan durbar square
176Nishant RaiRotract Club of Mechinag
175Ayush ParajuliRotaract Club of Dillibazar
174Sujan ShilpakarRotaract club of kopundole
173Sunena ShresthaPatan Durbar Square
172Ritika ChaliseRAC KTM WEST
171Aadik ShresthaShikhalapur
170Anuja AryalRotaract club of Kathmandu university
169Bidur Prasad LohaniRAC Kathmandu Mid-Town
168Bibek AdhikariRotract Club of Baneshwor
167Swarup TiwariRotaract club of Bharatpur
166Anushreeya GCPashupati Nepal Law Campus
165Aayusha JoshiRAC PNLC
164Safal ShresthaInteract Club of Tri-Ratna Kathmandu Midtown
163Bishal karkiRotaract club of mechinagar
162Gopal ShahRotaract club of baneshwor
161Pragya ShakyaRotaract Club Of Bhaktapur
160Rtr. Suyog JhaRotaract Club of Dharan Ghopa
159Leela pandeyRotaract club of kathmandu
158Lelina adhikariRotaract club of dharan ghopa
157Abinash DahalRotaract Club Of Dhangadhi
156Susmita RegmiRotaract Vedvyas
155Sumit YadavRAC Dharan Ghopa
154PragatiRotaract Club of Dharan Ghopap
153Anshul AgrawalRotaract club of Birgunj metropolis
152Sadikshya gurungRotract club of kusms
151Deepa khanalManipal rotaract club
150Aakriti PudasainiRotaract vedavyasa
149Priyanka ShresthaRotaract club of Dharan Ghopa
148Amrita ShahRotaract Club Of Dharan Ghopa Rid 3292
147Sweta khadkaRotaract club of dharan Ghopa
146Aayushma AdhikariRAC Itahari
145Karan Kumar YadavRotaract club of dharan
144Suraj BhattaraiRtr club of Lumbini Siddharthanagar
143KhushbuRotaract club of dharan ghopa
142Aanand Kumar YadavRac dharan ghopa
141Ishan shresthaKakarvitta
140Yasir Arman AnsariRotaract Club of Dharan Ghopa
139Kabindra RawalRotaract club of dhara ghopa
138Krish AgrawalInteract club of Delhi Public School
137Sapana ShreathaKakarvitta rotaract club
136Sambriddhi SapkotaRAC Reliance
135Ashna MaharjanRotaract Club Of Budanilkantha
134Jaswin JoshiRAC Patan West
133Bibek AdhikariRAC kantipur
132Sarika GiriRac surunga
131Anush Dahal
130Dhiraj shahRotaract club of Nobel medical college teaching hospital
129Simran giri
128Aashis koiralaRAC Surunga
127Karuna kcRotaract club of bharatpur height
126Saurav WagleRAC Dharan Ghopa
125Ujjwal kandelRotaract club of purbi chitwan
124Ranjan KoiralaRotract club of Chandagiri
123Bishal KafleRotaract club of mechinagar
122Pujan KarkiKakarvitta
121Alina AryalRotaract club of Ratnanagar
120Hemant KhatriRAC Kathmandu West
119Rtr.Roma BishwakarmaRotaract club of Urlabari
118Aayushama shahRotaract Club of Swoyambhu
117Monica KawariRotaract Club of Madhyapur
116Rtr Sanju GhaleRotaract Vedavyasa
115Susmita ShahRotaract kathmandu Mid-town
114Binam sardarRotaract club of kakarvitta
113Jishan Bikram BohoraUrlabari
112Nirajan Raj PantaRotaract Club of DIllibazar-Kathmandu
111Milan Dangi
110Ravi ShresthaRotaract Club Of Bhaktapur
109Suraj BhandariRotaract club of bharatpur height
108Hemraj Basnet (Aangam)Urlabari
107Apeksha ShresthaRotaract club of bharatpur height
106Aleena karkiRotaract midtown of birtamode
105Chanchal jodhani
104Dipshikha bhujelRotract club of kakarvitta
103Nobel acharyaRotaract club of bhairahawa
102Manisha MishraRotaract club of Dharan, Ghopa
101Neyonika shresthaRotract club of kakarvitta
100Man Narayan ShresthaRAC Bharatpur Height
99Rtr. Apekshya GhimireRotaract club of bharatpur height
98Priyanka Lamichhane BKRotaract club of Bharatpur Height
97Rtr. Anshu KoiralaRotaract club of bharatpur height
96Neha ChakradharRotaract Club of Madhyapur
95Rtr. Sunita lohaniRotaract club of bharatpur height
94Priyanka ChaguthiRotaract club of Bhaktapur
93Jenisha KhayamaliRotaract Club of Kathmandu University Medical School
92Swastika ParajuliRotaract club of Kathmandu Mid-town
91Rtr. Netra RamtelRotaract Club of Kathmandu
90Ranju Shrestharotaract club of kantipur dental college
89Raj Jung khatriUrlabari
88Pradeep YadavRotaract Club Of Bhairahawa
87Dipendra Aidee
86Dipesh karkiUrlabari
85Karina PoudelRotaract Club Of Mechinagar
84Bibal Prasai ThakuriRAC PARBAT POKHARA
83Karuna BhandariRotaract club of kantipur dental college
82Alisha Dangiurlabari
81Pramisha PaudelRAC Kathmandu University Medical School
80Sudipta ParajuliRotaract Club of Palpa Tansen
79Chandra Bhakta AdhikariRotaract Club of Sukedhra
78Rtr Posen SapkotaRAC KUMS
77Rtr.Kiran ShresthaRotaract Club of Damauli
76Aayush ThapaRAC kathmandu west
75Kritisha AryalRotaract club of kathmandu midtown
74Rtr.Bhawana ThapaRAC Dharan
73Kriyata Shrestha
72Suman Waiba TamangRotaract Club of Kantipur Dental College
71Rajan ShakyaRotract club of Reliance
70Aaryan Bhattarai
69Nisha NaiduRotaract club of Itahari
68Awiskar SigdelInteract Club of Aadikabi Bhanubhakta School
67Rekha kumari jaiswalRotract club of kantipur dental college
65sakshi wagle
64Rtr. Alisha karkiRAC Bhadrapur
63Simon KarkiRotaract Club of Dharan Ghopa
62Aditya Tamrakar
61Rtr.Alisha RajbanshiRAC Bhadrapur
60Abisan Limbu
59Biniv Shakya
58Prakriti ThapaRotract Club of Kathmandu
57Kushal lamichhaneRotaract club of kawasoti
56Namrata ShresthaRAC Kathmandu West
55Rtr Amrita AdhikariRotaract Club Of Ratnanagar
54Leon shrestha
53Umanga Bhujel
52komal NeupaneRAC surunga
51Arunima ChhetriInteract Club of Matribhumi Baluwatar
50Rtr. Mandira ChhusyabagaRotaract Club of Bhaktapur
49Ashim PrasaiRAC Damak
48Rtr. Prabesh AryalRotaract Club Of Narayani Midtown
47Rtr. Arjun PoudelRotaract Club of Bharatpur Height
46Bishal ChaudharyRotaract Club of Kathmandu
45Pratibha BhattaKathmandu West
44Rtr. Anil SubediRotaract Club Of Kawasoti
43Rtr. Kishor RijalRotaract Club of Bharatpur Height
42Barsha khadkaRotract club of tillottma devdaha
41bullet sigdelrotaract club of kawasoti
40Rtr. Rashmita SunuwarRotaract Club of Dharan Ghopa
39Raunak mahatoRAC Bhadrapur
38Gita KhadkaRotaract Club of Kathmandu
37Rashik Raj KoiralaRAC Kathmandu
36Shrishav AdhikariRotaract club of Kathmandu
35Itr. Binti MishraInteract Club of Small Heaven Model School
34Puja kharelRotaract club of Bharatpur Height
33Pranish Raj GhimireRAC Bhadrapur
32Bhumika BhandariRotaract Club of Biratnagar Downtown
31Saroj KharelBirtamode
30Sushant MaharjanRAC Kathmandu West
29AASMA DULALRotaract Club of Baneshwor
28Bibek GhimireRAC Bhadrapur
27Rtr.Girish Ratna ShakyaRAC Bhadrapur
26Sudishna KhanalRotaract club of Kathmandu
25Amrit MallaRotaract Club of Kawasoti
24Abhishek JoshiRotaract club of Kantipur Dental college
23Ankita ShresthaRotaract Club of Kathmandu
22Shubyekshak BistaRAC Biratnagar
21Sumit MandalRAC Bhadrapur
20Kusum GiriInteract Club of Goldengate International College
19Pawan sahaniRotaract club of bhadrapur
18Bappa ShahRotaract Club of Birtamode
17Mala DhitalRotaract Club of Itahari
16saroj chimariyarotaract club of ktm mid town
15Sushila LamaRotract club of Baneshwor
14Anuprash BistaRAC Itahari
13shraddha pandeyrotaract club of kawasoti
12Prajwal DhunganaRAC Bhadrapur
11Rtr. Dipesh N. ShresthaRAC Swoyambhu
10Sanshraya khanalInteract Club of Matribhumi Baluwatar
9Rtr. Ujwal AdhikariRotaract Club of Bharatpur Height
8Sujit chaudharyRotaract club of kathmandu
7Nirakar SigdelRotaract Club of Newroad Pokhara
6Arjun BishwakarmaRotaract Urlabari
5Krishna Prasad NeupaneRAC GBC BUTWAL
4Usha NepalInteract Club of Goldengate International College
3Mithlesh MandalRotaract club of dharan ghopa
2Roshan BistaRAC birtamode mid town
1Ashik ShresthaRotaract Club of Bhairahawa