District Governor’s Message

Santosh Prasad Rijal
District Governor 2021-2022

Dear Fellow Rotarians,
As we embrace a new Rotary year, our united resolve to the defeat the ‘pandemic’ continues on all fronts and the science and available data validate that we are winning and headed in the right direction. While we continue fronting extreme hardships, challenges and responsibilities of the scale not witnessed in this Century, Nabinita and I remain humbled and ever grateful to each one of you for the belief, faith and love you have displayed and bestowed on me to lead this great District 3292. I accept this great honor to be your Governor and am fully aware it is going to be a demanding year. However, I am reminded of my promise to the oath I have taken to serve the vulnerable, sick and the needy which with your able support I will ensure upholding with our ‘core
values’. So thank you very much.

To our IPDG Rajib and 1st Lady Anupama a big ‘Thank You’ for leading the District and the wonderful legacy you leave behind in spite of the tough working environment you endured. To the new Club Presidents and your respective Teams, Chairs, co-Chairs and Members of District Committees my very best wishes and Congratulations.

Rest assured, harsh uncertain times await us but believe me as a ‘TEAM’ we can outmaneuver these challenges. We should swiftly adopt methods best suited to confront such circumstances and turn this ‘crisis into opportunities’. I have the greatest faith and confi dence in the Club Presidents to lead with the highest integrity. Unquestionably, they have displayed the courage, determination and enthusiasm to ‘Stand Up’ and take responsibility in these trying times and you all have my distinct appreciation.

With above in mind we now enter a phase of ‘response and relief ‘to the prevailing ground realities. From Clubs adhering to all legal compliances, adopting meaningful strategic plans suited best to you along with a robust fi nancial regime will and can provide Clubs the platform and tools to reach and serve the Community better. As Rotary Clubs continue to provide wide-ranging acute human necessities and services the post pandemic period will demand an enormous price exposing the very need for very basic essentials. Therefore a collective action by Rotary Clubs within Communities will be necessary to make a speedy and peaceful exit from this crisis.

All of the above is conceivable if we have ‘all hands on deck’ which means adding and retaining Members and rightly so as called by our RI President Shekhar Metha ’Each one Bring one’. Nothing is impossible when Rotarians take up a challenge and this we know to be true.

With a young energetic population of talented Rotaracts to assist us much is achievable and I encourage all Clubs for more active Rotaract engagement in the services we provide in our Communities.

But for now the time has come to roll up our sleeves and get to work for there is much to accomplish. So my fellow Rotarians as we ‘Live to Serve’ please join me and Nabinita to ‘Serve to change Lives’.

Santosh Prasad Rijal
District Governor 2021-2022